What is the Raspberry Pi?

Nice article on the Raspberry Pi barebones computer. I hope to have one in the near future. You can get in line here if you’re interested.

Here is a link to the creators of the Rasberry Pi.


Arduino Ethernet Shield Tutorial

Here is a nice instructable that will get you going with the Ethernet Shield. It includes getting setup and running a few example Arduino sketches.

Create a DIY Polygraph Machine with Tin Foil and an Arduino

Put together your own DIY polygraph machine with an Arduino, some wire, and a little tin foil.

Ninja Blocks!

This is a neat little device similar to Twine (see previous post).


Quick and Easy Arduino Powered Theremin

Take a look at this cool Theremin like device built using an Arduino.



Here is the original Theremin built by Léon Theremin.

Tapitty – An Arduino App Store


Tapitty is an application store and networking platform for Arduino. Developers post their Arduino sketches for license and users can easily deploy those sketches through the Tapitty desktop client.

“We were really impressed with the speed and ease with which we could prototype interactive touch and game devices on the Arduino platform. We extended the Arduino platform by developing easy to use networking services,” says Tapitty founder and CEO Ted Tudor. “By opening up this platform to Arduino developers and hackers we have created a centralized, online marketplace for managing and selling Arduino sketches. Simply upload your sketch to compile it and make it available to other users.”

Leaking water detector from an old smoke alarm

Nice hack!

Nest thermostat takes high-tech approach to saving on heating, cooling bills

Copper Pipe Magnet

Thought this was pretty neat!


Arduino Gift Guide 2011

Arduino UnoTake a look at these suggestions for the best in Arduino boards, shields, and accessories.